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Aspirations and constraints

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Aspirations and constraints

24th April 2015

The last quarter of our reporting year, 5 January – 4 April 2015, has seen the closure of our rough sleepers assessment centre and the commencement of works on site to build independent accommodation units and training facilities. Due to existing space having been demolished, our services and therefore outcomes will decrease over the next twelve months.

Our core activities continue to achieve good results, despite our education and training results having declined, as we expected, but we are looking to develop new partnerships in this area.

A continued emphasis has been on employment and volunteering, and we now also have a therapeutic service, Your Space, working with us, our residents and members of the wider community.

The past few months have not been without difficulty, but we have continued to deliver high performing outcomes and are well placed to develop further partnerships to deliver services helping those who need it most in our community.

Over the last three months to 04 April 2015 we have achieved the following outcomes:

  • 3,714 volunteering opportunities were undertaken
  • 98% of residents had a Personal Development Plan
  • 79% of residents were involved in positive transitional activities
  • 8 residents gained employment
  • 13 residents moved out of Caritas Anchor House into independent living

Download our latest quarterly Outcomes Report: Aspirations Programme Q4 05.01.15 - 04.04.15 (pdf)

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