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Anchor House Residents’ sing the praises for Abbotswick Retreat!

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Anchor House Residents’ sing the praises for Abbotswick Retreat!

30th July 2010

The recent visit to Abbotswick Spiritual Retreat proved to be a great success and some of the tributes from the residents participating in the retreat when they got back to Anchor House proved to be extremely moving.  

Abbotswick House

Abbotswick House

 A large proportion of the work carried out at Anchor House is by necessity very practical focusing on accommodation and life skills learning as well as providing therapeutic and recreational opportunities.  There has to be a place sometimes outside all this activity for an individual to find a space for peaceful reflection and spiritual rejuvenation.

On their return from Abbotswick the residents were asked to share some of their thoughts, views and feelings during their trip and below are some of what was said:

Evelyne wrote “Words cannot express how I feel but all I can say is thank you so much for the lovely time.”

Jon wrote “It was so nice to finally get some quality time to relax.”

“Never felt so happy”, Thomas

“Wonderful, experience of a lifetime”, Roderick

“Three days in Heaven, we explored universes few dare to”, Santos

"Amazing experience – life makes more sense now”, Slavka

Chanelle wrote ‘It helped me rejuvenate my life and have a positive outlook on things. It was good to get to know everyone better.’

This was a new venture for Anchor House and after the residents positive reaction we would like to think that this will become an annual event.

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