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Anchor House is making music as Steve Nolan joins the organisation...

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Anchor House is making music as Steve Nolan joins the organisation...

20th April 2010

Anchor House is delighted to welcome, highly experienced, former professional musician Steve Nolan to it's personal development team. Steve first worked with Anchor House in his capacity as Senior Project Manager for Access to Music, a leading music education provider. Having run the acclaimed Music Industry Consultancy service - part of the Government's New Deal for Musicians initiative - in London and the South East, he was asked to lead the STEP programme, an LDA/EU funded project to help marginalised and disenfranchised people through music. 

Through the STEP programme Steve was particularly impressed by Anchor House and says "I really admired the way Anchor House catered for and looked after its residents, I worked closely with Eve O’Keefe and between us we managed to get many Anchor House residents on to the STEP programme."

Since that time Steve had been an ardent supporter of and regular visitor to Anchor House and as a result of this relationship Steve and Eve have produced 'Anchor House (you are a friend of mine)' as an anthem, set up an in-house choir and laid the foundations for a musical play which will include contributions from a number of Anchor House residents.

Steve is now working exclusively at Anchor House to develop its vision to create a full music and performing arts facility..

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