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Anchor House is changing to Caritas Anchor House

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Anchor House is changing to Caritas Anchor House

1st January 2014

Anchor House is pleased to announce that from today, 1st January 2014, we will be known as Caritas Anchor House.

This is part of a planned move towards becoming a community focused centre of excellence and innovation, and whilst we will remain in essence the same organisation, the addition of Caritas to our name is a reflection that Anchor House is part of a wider national and international network of Catholic charities (e.g. CSAN and Caritas Europa), who share the same vision and principles.

Caritas is founded on principles of Catholic social teaching and, put simply, is love, charity or service extended to all individuals regardless of background, race or belief. Rooted in the Catholic Church, the Caritas network works collaboratively to address poverty and social injustice, and aims to benefit those who are poor, vulnerable or marginalized.

These have long been core values of Anchor House, and going forward, we are determined to not only maintain our holistic approach to support, but improve on it. This means getting creative, building important new relationships, becoming more business-like and pushing the boundaries around how social care is thought about and delivered.

As a relatively small charity, the ability to do all of this is down to the exceptional commitment and skills of the staff and committees, and great collaborations with partner organisations.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support, and look forward to the coming year.


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