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Adapting to a changing environment

14th January 2014

Over the third quarter of 2013, Caritas Anchor House faced a series of challenges which have had a massive impact on our move-on and complementary services.

Within the social care environment, our partner agencies have suffered funding cuts, resulting in a heavy increase in demand for our services, with an influx of referrals that have nowhere else to go. Due to being incorrectly assigned or having needs beyond our capability, many of these referrals have been unsuitable and we have been unable to accept them.

On the other end of the spectrum, planned move-on has also proved difficult this quarter, as single homeless individuals are not viewed as a priority by the London Borough of Newham. The withdrawal of the rent deposit scheme has resulted in us being unable to move on residents who are ready to leave and, being essentially bed blocked, we have experienced an increased level of unrest and upset in the resident group that has been a major requirement for the staff to deal with.

However, despite these obstacles, our staff have been flexible and adapted well, and during the quarter 34 residents gained employment, 94% engaged in positive transitional activities and 924 volunteering sessions took place.

As an organisation, we were also Highly Recommended in the category of Social Champion in the Charity Times Awards 2013 and shortlisted for a Centre for Social Justice Award. The Homeless Transition Fund recently awarded us a grant of £150,000 to establish a programme for rough sleepers in the borough, in partnership with Thames Reach.

As an organisation, we believe that partnership working is the only way forward to meet the desperate housing problems in the London Borough of Newham and hope others will follow our lead.

Over the last three months to 05th January 2014 we have achieved the following outcomes:

  • 94% of people were involved in positive transitional activities
  • 34 residents gained employment
  • 17 residents moved out of Caritas Anchor House into independent living
  • 924 volunteering opportunities were taken up by residents
  • Our occupancy rate was 96.9%

Download our latest quarterly Outcomes Report:

Aspirations Programme Q3 2013-14  (pdf)

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