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Technology to improve life chances

Technology to improve life chances

15th July 2016
In his latest video blog, Keith Fernett - Chief Executive of Caritas Anchor House - reflects on the impact of the Brexit vote and the power of technology to transform the way society helps those in need.

In the short time she has been in post, the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has put focus on the life chances agenda. Keith states that it has the potential to address the pressing needs of our society, which include the continued rise in homelessness and supporting those with complex needs, such as substance abuse, mental health, domestic abuse and offending.

Keith calls on the government to consider an investment in technology to support those facing these difficulties. Caritas Anchor House is supporting the development of the Global Noticeboard, an online platform designed to help those in need. The Global Noticeboard has been hailed as having the capability to improve the throughput in the homeless sector by 10%, enabling thousands more homeless people to be supported each year.

To find out more about the Global Noticeboard, please click here.

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