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An open invitation to Sadiq Khan to visit Caritas Anchor House

An open invitation to Sadiq Khan to visit Caritas Anchor House

11th May 2016
In this month’s video blog, Keith Fernett, Chief Executive of Caritas Anchor House, discusses London’s housing crisis and invites the new London Mayor to visit the charity in East London.

As Sadiq Khan takes office, new figures reveal that 2,561 people slept rough in London between January and March 2016 – a nine per cent increase on the same quarter in 2015. Since 2010, the number of people sleeping on the streets of the capital has more than doubled. Caritas Anchor House is a homeless charity which sees first-hand how London’s housing crisis affects so many people, and as such, would also invite Sadiq Khan to announce any such housing plans here.

Housing was a key talking point in the London Mayoral debates, and all candidates spoke of building more homes for the capital. Keith suggests that we stop taking about supposedly “affordable” housing, and talk more about the real rent levels in London. The word affordable has been used to mask a reality which means paying a rent of £1,200 a month for a flat, which many Londoners, particularly those earning minimum wage, are unable to afford.

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