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Mental Health needs in our community

Mental Health needs in our community

8th July 2015
In this month’s video blog, Keith Fernett, our CEO, talks about a pertinent issue for our service users – mental health.

Many of our residents have mental health needs, and when working with and helping those residents manage or overcome their mental health, we deal with organisations in the statutory sector including hospitals, A&E departments and doctors.

However, trying to support them when dealing with the challenges of professional restrictions can be testing, and Keith goes on to highlight how bad management can have knock on and dangerous consequences, by using the case of one individual.

The said individual struggles with his mental health, but unfortunately this has not been recognised by the organisations which deliver mental health services. Consequently this individual has careered around various different services and has shown aggressive behaviour whilst doing so.

Keith goes onto emphasis the importance of communication between the service providers and our homeless services users. He also stresses the need for good customer service, rather than a tick box  approach, to support those who need it most.

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