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An Integrated Approach to Welfare

An Integrated Approach to Welfare

5th August 2015
This month, Keith has been intrigued by the media’s response to the constructive criticism levelled at the welfare system by CSAN’s report Caritas reports: the impact of welfare changes.

The report highlighted a need to avoid silo-working when dealing with welfare, and Keith recommends the government should adopt a ‘whole-systems’ approach. The current silo mentality can reduce efficiency in the organisations operation, is detrimental to the care of the individual and cause avoidable problems and upset.

Such problems are illustrated by one Caritas Anchor House resident who had been seeking refuge in Britain. When he was granted asylum, the organisations that were and would be supporting him did not communicate and he was forced out of his temporary residence onto the streets. With nowhere to live he developed poor mental health and his support needs became more complex.

Caritas Anchor House was able to offer him the home and support he needed, however, this type of situation could have been prevented. Keith states that we need to develop an integrated and holistic approach to the way these services work, which would save much revenue and create a more positive atmosphere for the vulnerable people involved.

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