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The importance of accountability

The importance of accountability

26th August 2016
In this month’s video blog, Keith Fernett, Chief Executive of Caritas Anchor House, speaks about challenges faced within the homeless and social care sector.

Caritas Anchor House supports over 210 homeless people each year, many of whom have multiple needs including unemployment, mental health, substance misuse, domestic abuse and offending. In order to best support each of our residents with their development areas, we work with a variety of specialist agencies as partners.

Keith notes that we have, at times, experienced resistance from our resident group, some of whom have found it hard to meet the standards of behaviour and engagement expected of them at Caritas Anchor House. As a result, we have received formal complaints, both directly and to partner organisations, that caused tremendous unrest within the staff group and turned out to be untrue.

In the face of these challenges, Keith asks those working in the sector to consider the needs of those we are here to support, and work together to deal with any issues appropriately.

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