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The future of London Housing

The future of London Housing

21st December 2015
In his video blog, Keith Fernett, Chief Executive of Caritas Anchor House, speaks about the future of housing in London.

Though Keith welcomes new investment in the housing sector, he says it’s important to consider what type of housing will be built, and who can afford to buy it. Most residents of Caritas Anchor House, some of whom receive the minimum wage, are unable to afford housing in the current market, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult.

Keith reflects that in other parts of England, those that have lived in an area for six months are entitled to register for council housing. However, here in the east end of London, they must have been a resident for seven years – a significant difference. The average rent has also increased to over a £1,000 for a flat, however, the local housing allowance is less than £800.

Keith urges the London Mayoral Candidates in the 2016 election to consider a housing commission for London to try to resolve the serious house crisis for the low-paid.

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