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Charity Governance

Charity Governance

2nd February 2016
In his latest video blog, Chief Executive Keith Fernett reflects on the changes he has witnessed in the area of governance of charities.

Keith says organisations have not been able to differentiate between charities working towards the common good, and those that are not. He notes the recent problems in fundraising, and that larger charities, due to the resources at their disposal, have been able to challenge the status quo, rules and regulations, but that those who lack resources have suffered as a consequence.  Keith says some charities have experienced knee jerk responses from government agencies about governance issues, which have not been necessary.

Keith hopes that those who are involved in regulating charities, and the media, have measured responses to what is happening.

He states that Caritas Anchor House has experienced a high demand for information of late, and has been subject to snap inspections and challenges about its data. Keith notes time is being expended on such requests, but questions what is being gained by doing so.

Keith concludes by stating that it is imperative that charities have effective controls, systems and governance, but asks that regulators, the charity commission, the media and other agencies remember what charities are trying to achieve, and that they often provide services for the most disadvantaged.


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