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Caritas Anchor House in the local community

Caritas Anchor House in the local community

2nd June 2016
In this month’s video blog, Caritas Anchor House Chief Executive, Keith Fernett, reflects on how Caritas Anchor House is working together with our local community in a variety of ways.

Caritas Anchor House has recently been involved in this year’s Charity Walk for Peace, organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association. Our staff and residents took part in the walk through Newham, which aims to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people and to promote peace, understanding and good will to all.

Our residents continue to set up and run a stall at the historic Rathbone Market in Canning Town, whilst St Marks Community Centre in Beckton, run by Caritas Anchor House, delivers a Friends Deaf Club attended by 50 community members each month.

Caritas Anchor House is also seeing increasing numbers of requests from schools, universities and local groups, and acts as a source of knowledge about homelessness and other issues affecting those in our community.

Keith says that this community involvement indicates that people are becoming increasingly aware of the rising issue of homelessness, and hopes that this might lead to an increase local participation and support.

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