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The Benefits of Communication

The Benefits of Communication

2nd March 2016
In this month’s video blog the Chief Executive of Caritas Anchor House, Keith Fernett, reflects on the challenges we are facing, and our strengths to continue to help those that need us most.

The challenges facing Caritas Anchor House include potential cuts to our income streams, as well as the closure of partner services used by our residents.

We have taken stock of our own work in the community, and have recognised that by communicating effectively, valuing human dignity and treating every person as an individual we will face into these changes with our best foot forward. These values are at the cornerstone of what we do, and enable us to help those who walk through our doors.

Keith recognises that during this period of austerity, there has been a hardening of attitudes within the systems and communication has been poor. Key to supporting vulnerable people is a mindful approach, which will enable both organisations and those individuals to address their needs more effectively. By operating with an honest and open approach, even in the most difficult circumstances, organisations could save resources and most importantly, help to change the lives of an increasing number of people.

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