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If you have a desire to get involved and to help others there are many ways you can support us and the work that we do here at Caritas Anchor House.

Virtual Fundraising

Coronavirus has changed the face of fundraising, and whilst events have been cancelled, demand for our services is at an all-time high. Therefore, we are asking our supporters to do what they can by fundraising virtually in the comfort of their own homes.

To highlight the fact 1 in 24 people in the borough of Newham are homeless, we are launching our 24 CHALLENGE. What this means is: You choose the target, you choose the activity, you choose the timeframe. Here are 24 ideas to get you started:

  1. 24 hours in fancy dress
  2. 24 hour sponsored silence
  3. 24 hour danceathon
  4. 24 hour walk
  5. 24km run
  6. 24 mile cycle
  7. 24 days running 1km
  8. 24 good deeds!
  9. 24 day social media blackout
  10. 24 hour no phone challenge
  11. 24 days without snacking
  12. 24 minutes of keepy uppies
  13. 24 prize raffle
  14. 24 clue treasure hunt
  15. 24 hour skipping challenge
  16. 24 hours stranded in your bathtub
  17. 24km swim
  18. 24 minutes of juggling
  19. 24 question zoom quiz
  20. 24 hours listening to a song on repeat
  21. 24 hour board game marathon
  22. 24 cake bake sale
  23. 24 minutes of yoga for 24 days
  24. 24 paintings in 24 days

We can provide you with bespoke fundraising support, enabling you to fulfil your fundraising potential. For advice on how to coordinate your fundraising challenge, support setting up a JustGiving page, or access to Caritas Anchor House branded fundraising materials, email: or phone 020 7476 6062 and ask for Lauren. You can also download our 24 Challenge guide


  1. Click 'start fundraising'
  2. Select 'fundraising for a charity'
  3. Search Caritas Anchor House
  4. Select '24 challenge' as the event 
  5. Select your web address- which will be shared with friends and family
  6. Click 'no' because you ARE eligible for Gift Aid. Only click 'yes' if you're holding a bake sale, or selling tickets to an event, raffle or auction.
  7. Click 'create your page'

The Captain Tom 100 Challenge

Take on the #CaptainTom100 challenge for Caritas Anchor House. You could swim 100 lengths, sing for 100 minutes or walk 100 laps of your garden. Do the challenge your way - anything based around 100. Sign up and start fundraising here or download our Captain Tom 100 fundraising guide for more ideas.

Walk the Board Challenge

Find out more here.

Other ways to help:

For some, their preferred way of supporting people experiencing homelessness is to make a donation - big or small, every donation received has the ability to make a difference to someone's life.

For others, it’s about volunteering their skills and time to directly make a difference.

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