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Change a life this Christmas

Change a life this Christmas

Spending a Christmas alone on the streets after losing everything is something no one should have to face. 


The homelessness crisis is growing, and as Danny’s story shows, the Coronavirus pandemic has meant even more people have suffered huge life changes and risk losing their homes. So please do what you can to help today.

Danny was a head Chef at an events centre in London. He loved his job and had every reason to believe things would continue to go as well as they had been. He loved the buzz of the kitchen and worked his way up to manage a team.

Then the unthinkable happened when the pandemic hit. Within a matter of weeks, Danny had no work and no home. You can help people like Danny when they are in this awful situation, by ensuring they have a safe place to go at Caritas Anchor House

"I slept on people’s sofas but I felt so guilty and uncomfortable living in their space, particularly because of lockdown restrictions. So I ended up sleeping on the streets. When Christmas came around things felt even harder. I stopped caring about how I looked and felt terrible. But all the jolly Christmas shoppers would just stare at me. Some would even shout abuse at me. But I tried to not let it get to me. I kept thinking back to previous Christmases with my family, and all the good times we used to have.” 

"Eventually I was referred to Caritas Anchor House. I’ll never forget the relief when I was shown to my room and the sudden realisation that it was all over. I just burst into tears. Everyone here at Caritas Anchor House has been so understanding of my situation. They know that I just needed a safe place to get my head down, and a little bit of support to get back on my feet. Since being here, I got my strength and energy back, and wake up feeling refreshed every morning.  And I’ve been cooking meals in the resident kitchen. I made a WhatsApp group, and I let everyone know when the next meal is ready!" 

"When I look back to last Christmas I was at the bottom of the ladder. But now thanks to Caritas Anchor House, every day I feel like I am climbing back up that ladder. The team here have given me back a sense of self-worth. My days were nothing before. You can’t put a price on that really.”


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