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Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment

A study to evaluate the impact Caritas Anchor House has on society, conducted by experts at Oxford Economics, found that we provide £3.98 in benefits to society for every £1 invested in our operations.

The core services we deliver provide a return to society of £3.98 for every £1 invested in us. Excluded from this core area of our social impact is the valuation of the benefits a resident receives from completing their journey and personal development at Caritas Anchor House, and moving out in a planned way.

Compared to other SROI and CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) studies of homelessness projects in the UK, we are found to provide a high return to society.

In total, Caritas Anchor House is estimated to have delivered £5,062,000 in outcomes for society in 2009. The most significant benefits we have provided are the cost savings from lower crime (£3,221,000), more employment (£388,000) and savings to society from hosting Alcoholics Anonymous (£225,000).

The report also found that we saved the NHS £22,000 in hospital admissions, £14,000 in hospital outpatient treatments, £10,000 in acute mental health services and £5,000 in A&E treatment. 

The report was completed in October 2011, and helped to inform how we deliver services and have the most positive impact in our community.

Click here to view the report in full. (PDF)

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