Caritas Anchor House

Working at the heart of homelessness

Resident stories

Resident Stories

Adrian's story*

I’m 23 and spent five years in and out of homelessness before coming to Caritas Anchor House.

I never thought I’d get a full-time job, but I’ve had help with my CV, including information that I didn’t know was important. I’ve also had help with interview techniques, like giving examples of things I’ve done that show how I’ve used the skills I’ve got. It has made me so much more confident in myself and my ability. The result is that I’ve just been for an interview and got a job in hospitality.

Caritas Anchor House is a place full of great opportunities, a place where you can make something of yourself.

Lorraine's story

I came to Caritas Anchor House from rehab, and the staff are amazing.

They’ve supported me and made me feel safe, cared for and no longer isolated. I feel stronger, I have more stability. They’ve helped with my depression and stopped me doing negative things.

The mindfulness sessions, and the time I spend with my keyworker, have helped me to deal with situations, good and bad, in a different way. It is really helping me to move on from my past.

I’ve never had a miracle in my life, but being here has been a little miracle for me. I know if I wasn’t here I’d be at rock bottom.

Cilla's story

Ervine's Story

When my mother died I went to Jamaica, and when I came back my wife had sold the house and disappeared with our kids.

I took it really hard. I lived on the streets and sofa surfed for about a year, taking drugs and feeling suicidal.

I came to Caritas Anchor House in June 2016 and they’ve saved my life. With support, I’m pleased to say I am now clean from drugs and I’m on a work programme. Slowly but surely, I’m improving and now I’m a very different person.

If it wasn’t for Caritas Anchor House I don’t think I would be here anymore.

Jamie's Story

I fell out with my family and was asked to leave the house. I had nowhere to stay and I’d recently lost my job, so I was referred to Caritas Anchor House.

I used to be a tearaway, but thanks to the support from my keyworker, I’m more confident and not in trouble anymore. She listens to me and if there’s a problem we solve it together. It’s helped me to calm down, grow up and think before I act.

If it wasn’t for Caritas Anchor House I’d be in prison now, that’s 100% certain.

Tim's Story

Siva’s Story

I came here ten months ago after my relationship with my family broke down.

Two weeks ago I moved into one of the new move-on flats on site to help prepare me for moving out completely. I’ve got my privacy but I’m still able to do a lot of work with my keyworker. It's reassuring to know I can still talk to him when I need to.

I do a lot of volunteering here, which helps gives me motivation and confidence. And I’m happy to have the chance to give something back to Caritas Anchor House.

(*At their request, some residents' names have been changed.)

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