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Management Team

Management Team

Amanda Dubarry - Chief Executive

Amanda joined as Chief Executive in March 2018, following 22 years at youth homelessness charity Step by Step. There she was CEO and largely responsible for the diversification and growth of the charity, from its grass roots beginning to now operating across five counties.

Amanda is a Homeless Link Board Member and sits on their National Advisory Panel, and has held a number of trustee and committee roles at both the national and local level in the health and housing sectors.

She is passionate about making a difference and developing excellent services to achieve meaningful outcomes for service users, and her previous work has been award winning in this respect.


Andy Haines - Interim Director of Operations

Andy joined Caritas Anchor House in November 2017. He has enjoyed a long career in education and social care within the public and voluntary sectors. He has over 20 years’ experience as CEO of charities serving both young and older people, specialising in organisational development.

He has also acted as trustee for several charities including Caritas Social Action Network. Outside work his interests include reading, golf and cycle touring.

Mary Whitfield - Director of Frontline Services

Mary joined as Director of Frontline Services in April 2018. She is the former the Head of Social Impact at one of the largest social housing providers in the UK, where she was responsible for the development and leadership of research and innovation, community support, early tenancy support, and award-winning financial inclusion and resident involvement services.

As Director of Frontline Services at Caritas Anchor House, Mary is responsible for the provision of effective residential, community outreach and customer services functions. Her role will include the development and delivery of service strategies, plans and policies to meet the increasing demand on our services and the evolving needs of the community that accesses them.

Sue Field - Finance and Development Director

Susan joined Caritas Anchor House in June 2015 to head the Finance Team as it faces the increasing financial challenges of the current economic climate. She had previously run a Chartered Accountants practice, specialising in the not-for-profit sector, and has over 35 years’ experience of advising charities on a variety of issues as well as wider managerial experience running her own business.

She has acted as trustee to numerous charities and carried out consultancy assignments for the sector, both in the UK and overseas. 





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