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About Us

About Us

Our mission is to build hope, enable lasting change and end homelessness for people in East London.

Caritas Anchor House is a homelessness charity, and we are here to help people in our local community to build their new beginnings. We do this by:

  • Providing a safe place - to make sure that people experiencing homelessness have somewhere safe to stay as they begin to rebuild their lives
  • Offering support - to encourage and enable people to build a better future for themselves, through the provision of personalised support, educational and life skills opportunities
  • Building resilience – to build networks of support, and empower people to navigate services with confidence and be a proactive member of their community outside of and beyond life at Caritas Anchor House.

"Since being at Caritas Anchor House my outlook on life has changed completely and it has saved my life without a shadow of a doubt. I feel like there is hope; a chance that I can rebuild my position in society." - Richard

Each year, we work with hundreds of people who are experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping in the London Borough of Newham, which has the highest levels of homelessness in the country. We are helping to end homelessness, one person at a time, by providing a safe place to call home and the support needed to achieve their aspirations.

While everyone that comes through our doors has a different story, experiences and hopes, there are three key goals that come up most often: being able to navigate services confidently, having a place to call home, and securing paid employment to be able to sustain it.

That’s why we have dedicated services, activities and support relating to health and wellbeing, maintaining relationships, financial management, education and training, volunteering, preparation for employment and support to secure and sustain a tenancy of their own. We want to create lasting change for the people that come to Caritas Anchor House, and so work collaboratively with them to identify goals, strengths, challenges and action plans so that they can live the life they want to.

Last year, we provided a home and support to 278 people experiencing homelessness, of whom 49 secured and sustained employment, and 137 moved on from Caritas Anchor House. Click here to read more about our impact.

But homelessness is on the rise and the demand is increasing, and in same period we received 260% referrals for people in need of our support versus our capacity. We run two main services from our base at 81 Barking Road - our core hostel (which accounts for approximately 80% of our bed spaces) supporting people experiencing homelessness with low to medium support needs, as well as our service for people with more complex support needs.

We also deliver support through four additional services at multiple sites in Newham, as part of our partnership to reduce rough sleeping in the borough and support people to achieve independent living – with Change Grow Live as the lead partner. You can find out more about these services, which provide a temporary home and support to people who have been sleeping rough, here

Our values guide our interactions and decision-making processes at all levels within the organisation. They are:

  • Compassion - we care about people, value their views and experiences and put them at the heart of all we do.
  • Inclusion - we celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity and respect, and challenge inequality.
  • Growth - we support people to breakthrough barriers and fulfil their hopes and potential.
  • Collaboration - we’re stronger and can have a bigger impact when we work in partnerships and build alliances.

You can also find out about the history of our charity here.


Registered Charity No. 1147794 - in England and Wales
Registered Company No. 08075329 - in England and Wales
Registered Office: 81 Barking Road, London, E16 4HB

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