Caritas Anchor House

Working at the heart of homelessness

4 building projects were completed

4 building projects were completed

From 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 we completed four significant building projects, to improve our facilities and prepare residents for independence as they move on from homelessness.

Over many years, thousands of people have used the spaces at Caritas Anchor House, and they had understandably seen better days. We listened to resident’s ideas and top priorities, and worked with supporters and partners to turn them into reality. The top priority was a resident’s kitchen, to store and prepare meals which we built which we built and opened in the summer. We also introduced cooking classes, where residents learnt about healthy eating and how to prepare meals on a budget.

We also built a new resident’s laundry, which was the second highest priority, and developed an e-learning and IT suite so that residents could access the internet independently and with staff support for key activities such as learning, job and housing searches, and keeping connected with loved ones. In addition, we refurbished our large communal lounge. This space sits at the heart of our building and the transformation has had an enormous effect on individual wellbeing and the feeling of pride residents have in their home.


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