Caritas Anchor House

Working at the heart of homelessness

216 attendances of healthcare activities including vaccinations, testing and screening

216 attendances of healthcare activities including vaccinations, testing and screening

Sadly, many of our residents have experienced feelings of despair, hopelessness and panic during their homelessness journey. But, the added uncertainty of a pandemic can easily set somebody back. That’s why our team worked diligently to ensure our service remains safe, effective and continues to be a home for our residents.

We adapted our wellbeing package, responding to the needs and concerns of residents. Most of our in-person workshops and activities had to stop, but we kept in regular contact with residents by phone and video, and offered enhanced emotional support from a reasonable distance to make sure that all residents knew that we were still here for them. We carried out comprehensive consultations to support residents to remain healthy, maintain a consistent level of exercise, and to manage any underlying health conditions.

As other services were forced to closed, this part of our work was even more important. Attending appointments elsewhere relating to health, substance misuse, benefits stopped, and barriers around language and digital skills made this even more difficult, causing stress and anxiety for many.

130 residents reported mental issues that impact on daily life. 0 residents tested positive for Covid-19 during the year.

"When I lost my partner to cancer my world collapsed and I ended up on the streets. I also suffer from PTSD and was having flashbacks to childhood abuse. I was a lost soul, and had had enough of life. My keyworker regularly keeps in touch to how I am and if I need any help. My outlook has changed completely and it has saved my life without a shadow of a doubt. I feel like there is hope; a chance that I can rebuild my position in society.

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