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The Global Noticeboard

The Global Noticeboard

Caritas Anchor House is supporting the development of the Global Noticeboard, a humanitarian social networking platform and a movement for change.

The Global Noticeboard (GNB) is a global market space where buyers and sellers are matched and the exchange of information, goods and services takes place. It is a combination of City, academia, business and charity, working together to produce a platform not only capable of going round the world, but of making it better in the process. The business model is such that 20% of gross revenue generated through fees from classified advertising, will be donated back to Caritas Anchor House, to return the support provided during development of the platform.

Through the GNB’s various services, those in need of assistance at any stage in their lives and anywhere in the world can find help directly, simply by posting a notice for the items they need. Also at the core of the GNB’s mission is the development of an online community, each of whom would be invited to help others. In doing do, the plan is to build a global movement for change that can help those most in need. The overall aim is to tackle widespread social exclusion, in whatever way we can, and wherever it might exist, one step at a time. As we evolve, our aim is to use innovative technology to come together and create this global network of support.

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